Intellectual outputs


Intellectual Output 1 involves the analysis and synthesis of existing LSP teacher education and development programmes which is carried on on existing on-campus and online material for LSP teacher training in the European higher education areas. Work on this intellectual output involves the definition of a methodology for analysing and synthesizing existing learning programmes with regards to their possible transferability into self-guided online learning formats. 

The results of the research carried out in intellectual output 1 is used in the development of an online LSP teacher education course for professional development. The results of IO 1 show that there is a need for more unified way of learning and teaching languages for specific purposes and that LSP teachers across Europe, who speak and teach different languages for specific purposes, need to be supported. The online LSP teacher education course to be developed will cater for LSP teachers’ needs and try to bridge the identified training and knowledge gaps.

Please find the results of Intellectual Output 1 in the following two files: