Intellectual outputs


Based on the synthesis, report and data provided by intellectual output 1, an online teaching methodology is defined in intellectual output 2. 

The following questions are answered, among others in IO2: 

1.How can LSP online training material be prepared in a way that future and existing LSP teachers enjoy going through the content and a high student dedication time is achieved? 

2. What didactic elements contribute towards a high dedication time and how do these need to be spaced? 

3. How can feedback and quizzes be integrated to make the self-directed learning experience effective and entertaining? 

4.How can existing material be prepared in a way that an efficient adaptation into a multilingual online platform can be achieved? 

To respond to the above-mentioned questions, participating partners followed an 8-staged methodology. Firstly, IO1 results regarding learning methodologies in existing online courses are examined. Secondly, relevant literature pertaining to online learning methodologies, activities and technologies is reviewed in view of significant examples for practice. As a result, different modules are developed to address different needs of LSP teachers and learners and each module contains the following didactic elements: Theoretical input, examples, instructions about the activities, practice, and assessment/feedback. Moreover, each module provides the recommended student dedication time, needs analysis and outcomes attained after completion.

Please find the results of Intellectual Output 2 in the following two files: