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Training on Learning Analytics (C2)

This training activity took place in April 2023 and lasted for four consecutive days. It is a short-term joint staff event that prepared partners of the strategic partnership to estimate the effectiveness, validity and reliability of the quizzes implemented in the LSP-TEOC.Pro course. The presented analytical tools included general descriptive and inductive statistics as well as test theories. Partners have successfully learned all the following based on authentic data collected during the project’s pilot and trialling phases:

– Understand and explain learning analytics
– Consider ethical and privacy aspects
– Collect and prepare data for analyses
– Understand and apply descriptive statistics
– Analyze LSP Moodle quizzes with descriptive statistics
– Understand inductive/inferential statistics
– Analyze LSP Moodle quizzes with inferential statistics
– Understand test theories
– Identify and use chances and opportunities.