Intellectual outputs


In intellectual output 6, a large-scale trialling of the English online LSP teacher training course is carried out. A large number of external individuals and stakeholder organisations have been approached to use the online course and give feedback on their experience. This intellectual output is a decisive step in the dissemination of the project whilst at the same time gathering valuable empirical information of user needs, usage patterns and languages used. At the end of this intellectual outputs, several hundreds of LSP stakeholders will have used the online LSP teacher training course, and all user data have been prepared in a way as to be used in the following intellectual output 7 (Analysis of trialling user data and application of learning analytics).
Four surveys are to be filled by pilotees (we have 292 pilotees) in IO6 namely:
a. Data on trialee and privacy policy notice. This survey helps us collect basic information on each pilotee which will then be used in IO6 and IO7 data analyses. Data analysis from this Section 1 of the Survey asks test takers’ personal Information. Descriptive statistics will be used to analyse the demographic information about the pilotees, and the findings will be presented in Tables in terms of frequency and percentages, by Leading Organization Cukurova University.
b. Pre-participation test (that collects data from pilotees before each module).
c. Post-participation test (which collects data from pilotees after each module).
d. Post-Participation Test Overall Evaluation (an overall post-participation test) in which we ask IO6 pilotees to fill in as soon as they have finished piloting the online course or the four modules of their choice. In this section, our aim is to examine User Satisfaction through a number of questions. Descriptive statistics is used to address this question and present findings in Tables. Frequency analysis of the preferred modules will show the number of pilotees studying each module and the most preferred modules.
Test takers were also asked to keep diaries while doing our course. Our objective for asking the test takers to keep diaries was to examine user experience more deeply. Data from the diaries about the user experience will be compiled and qualitative analysis will be applied. Quizzes used in our online course will be examined.
An additional testing instrument to be used in IO6 is interviews. An interview Protocol is prepared by Cukurova university team, the leading partner for I06, to be used with the volunteering test takers after they have completed taking the course. The interview questions will ask the pilotees’ opinions on a) The quizzes & question types used in quizzes; b) The spaced learning method; c) Usage patterns; d) Information about the challenges they have encountered; d) Test takers’ satisfaction with the course; e) Improvement of the course they might suggest.

Please find the results of Intellectual Output 6 in the following two files: