Transnational Meetings

Final Conference

The final conference (Multiplier Event) of the LSP-TEOC.Pro project took place in Poznań, on 5 July 2023. All partners took part either in person or online. Moreover and important, 56 international particpants attended the conference in person.


9.00h-10.00h            Registration
10.00h-10.15h   Welcome and start of the conference program
10.15h-10.30h   Presentation of the project TRAILs
10.30h-10.45h   Presentation of the project LSP-TEOC.Pro
10.45h-11:15h   Coffee break
11.15h-13.15h   Presentation of the project’s outcomes:
– IO1 Analysis and synthesis of existing LSP teacher education and development programmes (Croatian team)
– IO2 Definition of an online teaching methodology (Spanish team)
– IO3 Development of course content for LSP teacher education and development (Slovenian team)
– IO4 Implementation of online course for new LSP Teacher Education Development on Internet platform (German team)
– IO5 Piloting developed LSP Teacher Education online course (French team)
– IO6 Trialling developed LSP Teacher Education online course (Turkish team)
– IO7 Analysis of trialling user data and application of learning analytics (Polish team)
– IO8 Methodologies / guidelines – Evaluation method and tool (English team)
13.15h-14.15h   Round table
14.15h-15.00h   Lunch break
15.00h-15.45h   WORKSHOPS:
– Using AI-based websites for LSP
– From the importance of the beginning question generation
16.00h-18.00h   City tour
19.30h                  Conference dinner