Intellectual outputs


In intellectual output 5, the online LSP teacher training course is tested by project partners and selected external users. Different external users have been carefully selected from the consortium to test and trial the online course. The aim is to identify and eliminate any remaining technical or other issues which may jeopardise the functions of the online course.
During the piloting, a diary will be kept which includes all positive and negative aspects and the possible impact on the system’s usability. The diary is based on previous research into usability and other issues which need to be considered in the implementation of online content. The diary/grid collects data anonymously and consensually on trialees in order to help improve the online course. A pre-participation test and a post-participation test are devised by the leading organization (Bordeaux University) and implemented on Moodle by Jade University before and after each module on Moodle. This again will help detect any
problems in the modules in order to amend them appropriately. Quantitative and qualitative data is immensely collected in this intellectual output that will prove to be of relevance in data analytics later on in the project. Apart from the technical issues mentioned, the diary shall also list which course contents have proved to be especially
rewarding or challenging with the aim to equalise the user experience throughout the whole online system. At the end of this intellectual ouput, the online LMS teacher training course will be ready for the large-scale trialling phase.

Please find the results of Intellectual Output 1 in the following two files: